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Community description:Dreamwidth's creepy community


The community was started by [personal profile] future_guardian on September 06, 2010 as LJ OntdCreepy spin-off, as a result of the Livejournal privacy fail.

The purpose of the community is as same as on LJ - to bring all creepies together to talk about creepy, paranormal, mysterious and scary experiences (but not limited to only those) that happened to them and in this world.


- Anyone can post a creepy something they want to talk about, which includes personal experiences. Posts are moderated to avoid repetitive content and flooding of the community.

- All not safe for work (NSFW) content should be noted as such and placed behind a cut-tag. If you don't know how to create one, it is explained here. Please do not use NSFW icons in your posts.

- Use your judgment when posting pictures. If it is gross, or a common phobia, put it behind a cut with a warning. Also, please post only 1 picture outside of the tag, dimensions 400x400 pixels at the most. We need to respect people with slow connections and old computers.

- Do not post shocking or gruesome pictures/icons/videos. This means car crashes, 9/11, lynchings, gross deaths, massacres/genocides, etc. There is a difference between something creepy and something just plain disrespectful and/or vomit-inducing. You can, however, post a link to an outside source but it must be with a warning.

- When posting, don't just copy and paste a link. Posts don't need to be precise and thorough - you're not writing a school essay here - but content is welcome as well as pictures and videos. If you're not familiar with HTML please check the FAQ List and if you still need help, just contact one of the mods.

- Please limit .gifs in comments to two or three because it slows down people's computers, and always make sure the videos you post are never on auto-play.

- Don't spam. This means making multiple comments that are advertisements, abusive comments, or otherwise unwanted messages, with the intent of raising comments count, relieving boredom, etc.

- Be nice and respectful to everyone. Discussions and debates are allowed and encouraged, but insulting and harassing are not. If you want to be a jerk, you will be treated as one.


Mods of this community are [personal profile] future_guardian, [personal profile] hithar and [personal profile] sunshiny. They can be contacted at the address for any matter related to the community.

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for all things supernatural, mysterious, or just plain creepy, paranormal, unexplainable
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